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A Inside Look at Teen Depression

Most high-schoolers do not have time to deal with unnecessary stresses that can come with depression. But, the unlucky few have had to deal with it everyday. 
TeenNewsNet Columnist Miranda Hudgens is one of those few and shares with us her battle with depression and its effects on her.

Teen Relationships

How do teens define a relationship? What are the consequences of intimacy at such a young age?  From the viewpoints of our teen staff, TeenNewsNet gives you an in-depth look at this complex topic in our
Teen Relationships section.

Teen 2 Teen

What are the biggest issues facing today's teens? In our Teen 2 Teen section we give advice, opinions and much more on topics ranging from drunk driving to bullying.  We also welcome you to create a topic in our forum for our other teen readers to comment on. 


is part of TeenNewsNet's mission to promote issues that effect teens from all backgrounds, genders and orientations. Therefore, we have launched our LGBTQ section to educate our readership on the latest happenings in this community in their quest for equality and tolerance amongst their peers.

Unique Teens

To most most of their peers their passion for fantasy, sci-fi and role playing is defined as abnormal.  However, ICON has become an annual event where the abnormal becomes normal.  TeenNewsNet Editor Jeffrey Valfer goes inside the convention that allows teens to show their true personality.

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