FRONT ROW - SKY FERREIRA                                                  

A Sky With No Limits
At 17 She is in the Drivers Seat on a Road with No Boundaries

By: Jaclyn Lattanza, Junior, Comsewogue H.S., Port Jefferson Station, NY
TeenNewsNet Entertainment Editor

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Although she is only 17, she knows what she wants and how she wants it done. Sky Ferreira, of Native American, Portuguese, and Brazilian descent, always had dreams of becoming a singer. “It always came pretty natural” she said. Many stars put so much effort into becoming big celebrities, but not Sky. “I always sang, I never thought of it. It just happened.” 
Obviously some promotion had to be done, no one will find you unless you put yourself out there, and that’s exactly what Sky did. The internet, such as MySpace Music, helped her a lot. Answering fan comments and people who contacted her was the “key to most of it.” Staying in contact showed her fans that she is just like a regular person and actually cares for them and appreciates all of their support. “It’s pretty exciting to see all the feedback.” Initially, she just wanted to get herself out there.

At age 14, she did not add anything special into what she posted, there was “no shock factor,” she was simply herself. This is all she needed to get noticed and eventually start a career! Sky wrote her own songs and posted pictures and videos expressing her own style. However, some of her influences are David Lynch, Prince, Susie Suh, Madonna, “definitely helped pop music in general”, and her family. 

Sky has one sister and grew up with her cousin who is basically like a brother. The support from her family and friends helps a lot; however, she stated, “Either way I would be doing it.” Her mom supports everything she does, if it is not bad. Sky understands that not all people are going to agree with everything she does but “I still do it.” 

Being a star at a young age, school and hanging with friends are definitely not occurring factors in one’s life. Sky graduated one year early from being home schooled and as for making time for friends, she said, “I’m not really social.” Working and singing make her happy. When her work is finished for the day, she is able to happily relax and maybe go out with some friends. This explanation proves that the job of a professional singer demands a certain aspect of maturity as well as smart sacrifices. Sky expresses that it is “pretty hard” and you need to “grow a skin for it.” Positive and negative feedback will always be distributed, and that is why focus is key. Focusing on who you are will allow you to succeed. “You need to give up, to gain stuff;” It takes a lot of time to produce songs, albums, and music videos. In fact, Sky has been working on her first album, (title has not been decided yet), for 3 years which will be coming out at the end of the
summer. The album contains a lot of progressive pop, dance, thrash elements, and “throwbacks which is pretty cool.” She has written every song on the album and is “fighting for at least 14” to be put on. If it was really up to her, she would have liked to include all 235 songs she has written, but “that’s not gonna happen.” 

Sky would love to tour with someone new, or “a legend would be amazing.” She loves collaborating with any artist and feels it is “refreshing.” Besides music, style is very important to her. “I love getting dressed up and I love clothes.” Fashion is a way to “express yourself” and to “describe yourself visually.” Because of Sky’s sense of music and fashion there have been comparisons made between her and Lady Gaga . She addresses this by telling me, “It’s cool to be compared to her, we share some similarities; she is driven and we share some of the same music; however, not fashion wise and not personality.” Another difference lies in the minds of the paparazzi (pun not intended!). Sky hasn’t been followed by paparazzi, yet! “I’m not really into the whole paparazzi thing.” She remembers one time in London when paparazzi followed her, though she is convinced they didn’t know why they were following her! 

With her new songs, new music videos, and new album coming out at the end of the summer, Sky is definitely starting to build a name in the music industry! As for her future, Sky is looking forward to “explore more creative outlets.” She informs me of her continued desire to make more music, which may include collaborations, while also working on bigger and more independent films.

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